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Shadow Precinct

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  In continuing with my series of blog posts about the soundtrack of Shadow Precinct, today I'll discuss how the epic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx influenced me.  Let's go into the way back machine first, and just discuss the Wu-Tang Clan in general, my personal pick for greatest hip-hop group of all time.  


  How can you say that shit?  When the likes of Outkast, The Roots, ATCQ, NWA, Public Enemy, and De La Soul exist in the hip hop consciousness?  I think that the stretch run from their debut album Enter The 36 Chambers (almost 20 years ago!) to their follow up double album Wu-Tang Forever, they dropped all types of classic solo records that were, in effect, mini Wu-Tang albums that just happened to feature one (or two) of the clan's members.  It was like the Celtics when they were winning mad championships.  I mean, you had Meth's debut (Tical), GZA (Liquid Swords), Raekwon (Cuban Linx), Ghostface (Ironman), and Ol' Dirty Bastard (Enter The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version).  All classic albums.  That is an incredible run from a hip hop crew of unprecedented depth and it will never happen again.  I was already crazy for kung-fu movies as a kid, so when they came out blending the two, my mind exploded.  Yeah, you always hear emcees drop references to things that you may consider awesome, and by extension, that makes you look at them in a different way.  It's kinda like the way you would see someone reading a book you consider ill and give that silent head nod of, "You, sir, are cool."  The old kung-fu movie sound bytes, the video for Mystery of Chess Boxing, all of it was so dope to me.  That blending of sensibilities grabbed my attention then, and eventually manifested itself into my writing of Shadow Precinct.  To summarize, Shadow Precinct would not ever  have happened if the Wu-Tang Clan didn't exist.  


  Glacier of Ice is the specific song from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx that is referenced in the story.  For every song that is referenced in some way, I imagined it being the soundtrack to the events that transpire.  A more apt description in this digital age, it would be the ipod playlist to our main character's trials and tribulations.  This song comes in right before a major turning point in the story, and it precedes a bloody fight scene.  The frenetic nature of the song itself just struck a chord with me.  I could see bones getting broken and the clash of swords set to this track.  I could see the main character turning this up in his headphones before dispensing out all manners of pain to his assailants.  And that's always how I write, I have to SEE it first.  If I can't successfully convey my vision in a way that infects the reader's imagination, then I'd consider that a fail.  Oddly enough, Glaciers ain't even my favorite song on the record (this is), but it fit the situation more than any other did.


Proceed with caution as you enter the symphony

Degrees of punishment increase intensely 

Syndrome was caused by the deadly drums

But the battle was won by swords being swung.


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