Shadow Precinct

Shadow Precinct

Monday...Garfield Status.

  Mondays do suck.  I mean, they do.  No two ways around that.  I never was too sure why Garfield hated Mondays, though.  I mean, being as that you're a cat that eats an obscene amount of lasagna, you should be thanking Cat Jesus that you haven't died from high blood pressure.  Garfield, much like yourself, should be thankful for everyday they get.  


  My weekend was awesome, I hope yours was too.  Mass Effect 3 tomorrow, Darkstalkers 4 announced (!!), and advanced copies of Shadow Precinct have been arriving to their respective destinations.  It really was surreal to hold a binded copy of my book, even in an unfinished form.  Now all I need is a bad ass cover and I'll really be excited.  We're about to go into phase two of the push towards release.  I have some tricks up my sleeve, son.


Be cool, enjoy the day.

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