Shadow Precinct

Shadow Precinct

Hell on Earth



  I'm trying to not be sad as I write this post, the last one in my Shadow Precinct Soundtrack series, because of recent events surrounding the group that I'll be talking about next: the Infamous Mobb Deep.  Now, over the last couple of weeks there's been a lot of news concerning beef between Mobb members Prodigy and Havoc.  I'm not even going to go into it, you can use the power of the interwebs to find out for yourself what that's about, but I will say it's another stinging blow to the hip hop that I hold near and dear.  That, and the insistence of cats rhyming over techno beats, but I digress.


  Hell on Earth was the first single off of the album of the same name.  Dark, gutter, dirty, New York staircase rap.  The type of rap that scares the shit out of old white ladies.  I mean, the intro to G.O.D. Part III had me real nervous as a youth P's verse on Hell on Earth is excellent to go along with Havoc's suitably haunting beat.  There's an apocalyptic vibe to the song, if the title didn't give that away.  I decided to use it in Shadow Precinct as a preface to a pivotal scene, the last major fight, but more importantly a turn towards a dire set of circumstances that will manifest itself in Part II.  A true hell on earth type situation.  And yes my friend, there will be blood.  




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