Shadow Precinct

Shadow Precinct

...Cuz The Greatest Rapper of All Time Died On March 9th.

  It's been 15 years since Christopher Wallace was murdered, and like all icons in entertainment that suddenly pass, he has lived on through his music and reached iconic status.  Kids that weren't even alive when this happened  are well aware of who he is, along with another of hip hop's patron saints, Tupac Shakur.  Both are two sides of the same coin, their "beef" (which ironically BIG helped to define) quickly spiraled from subliminal disses, to blatant disses, to death threats, to a bicoastal war of sorts that left both generals dead and still no one arrested in either case.


  You don't really appreciate something or someone until they are gone.  And after all these years, I still find myself equal parts amazed and saddened.  Amazed because, even still, BIG is one of the nicest to ever grab a mic.  Saddened because after only two proper releases, and a bunch of grimey style cash ins perpetrated by Diddy (insert harlem shake shoulders here), I still think what could have been.  Where would Rick Ross be if BIG was still rapping?  Hell where would Jay be?  Would Watch The Throne have been a collaborative Jay and BIG album?  Just think about that.


  It's no secret that hip hop influenced me a great deal and it is certainly one of the things that inspired me to write Shadow Precinct.  I was always a fan of storytelling in wrap.  From Slick Rick's Children's Story to Ghostface's verse off of Impossible to Nas' Undying Love.  I was always captivated by someone who could weave an intricate engagine story in under five minutes time.  Beginning, middle, and end.  Characters and foreshadowing.  BIG was one of the best when it came to this.  Niggas Bleed and I Gotta Story To Tell are two of the best examples of story raps ever.  But Warning, off of his first album, struck a chord with me as I was penning the story for Shadow Precinct.  


  There's something very ominous about the song itself, aside from the obvious title.  When I decided to integrate certain songs into the story, Warning was the first one that came to mind.  I knew where the story was headed and how it would progress, and the songs I picked reflect the different arcs that the story takes.  All of these songs are in the playlist playing at  Warning seemed like the perfect song to represent the beginning of the story.  In this case, the call that the main character receives at the beginning isn't a warning call per se, like BIG being warned about cats trying to stick him for his paper, but it's more for the reader as a nod to the fact that some serious shit is about to go down.  I couldn't think of a better song, hip hop wise, that represented that feeling than Warning.


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